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Why PC Repair Center?

As an Authorized HughesNet Retailer, we at PC Repair Center strive to provide our customers with high-speed satellite Internet from HughesNet throughout New York. Through innovative online and hands-on training and partnering with our distributor HDFLogistics and HughesNet, PC Repair is committed to be your preferred installer of HughesNet for your home or your business. When you sign up with us, our professional installers will be confident in providing a positive experience during and after your HughesNet installation. We provide great customer services, we service all of Greene, Columbia, Ulster, Albany, Schoharie, and Rensselaer. Our office is conveniently located at 11448 State Route 32 Greenville, NY 12083, stop by our location or call us anytime at 888-836-3220.

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